Pure Silver Coin – Dancing Diamond<sup>TM</sup> Sparkle of the Heart

Pure Silver Coin – Dancin...

$654.71 USD

Pure Silver Coin – Dancing DiamondTM Sparkle of the Heart

Silver 2023 Mintage 925

Pure Silver Coin – Dancing DiamondTM Sparkle of the Heart

Silver 2023 Mintage 925
$654.71 USD
Pay up to 6 monthly
installments of $109.12 USD.
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A Canadian diamond
Intricate metalwork
The gift of tulips


Product Number 206986
Mintage 925
Composition 99.99% pure silver with a Fire and Iceᵀᴹ diamond set in a Dancing Diamondᵀᴹ mount and selective yellow gold plating
Weight 20.86 g
Diameter 36 mm
Edge Serrated
Face Value $20
Finish Proof
Packaging Black clamshell with black beauty box
Artist Anna Bucciarelli (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

Design & Artist


Anna Bucciarelli, Artist

Stylized tulips in different stages of bloom are arranged around the diamond symbolizing a never-ending circle of life. The continuous flow through each flowering stages, from a tulip bud to a fully opened flower, represents the full cycle of growth and rebirth—it’s a reminder of the cyclical nature of the universe, its continuous renewal and transformation.

Anna Bucciarelli, Artist

Matt Bowen, Engraver

When engraving a Sparkle of the Heart coin, you have to work closely with the engineer and the supplier to ensure the Dancing Diamond cage mount is integrated perfectly with the engraving. I find floral designs very satisfying to sculpt; this design, with its series of entwined tulips, was great fun to realize, and it beautifully complements the Dancing Diamond cage. Overall, this was one of the highlights for me this year!

Matt Bowen, Engraver



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