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Setting the Bar
The Royal Canadian Mint Refinery began refining gold to 999 fine purity in the mid-1960s and in 1982 became the first to produce 9999 bullion coins. In 1998, we achieved 99999 purity. Today we are the only global mint to issue a 99999 pure gold bullion investment coin. We refine gold and silver from a variety of sources including primary producers, industry, recyclers and financial institutions. Our world-class ISO 9001 accredited facility features a modern assay laboratory and a highly streamlined operational system.
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Ecosystem and Certification
Because we manufacture one of the world's best-selling gold coins, we have highly liquid pool accounts. Our trading partners include Canadian and global bullion banks, major bullion traders, mutual and hedge funds and other investment houses. We receive deposits from various sources in North America including mines, jewellery manufacturers, scrap dealers and pawn shops, and high-grade industrial scrap dealers. Royal Canadian Mint bars are accepted on the world's major precious metal exchanges (New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai and Dubai) and have been listed on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) gold Good Delivery List since 1919.