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Fine Silver Coin - Little Skaters (2011)

Mintage 8,000
Canada and US only
$69.95 CAD

Only available until October 31.

A heart-warming design executed in the tradition of old-world engraving and struck in 99.99% pure silver.
Skating is one of winter’s great delights. Children eagerly lace up their skates to race, whirl and twirl on frozen ice, barely aware of the long history behind the fun.

Five thousand years ago, ancient Scandinavians tied bones to their boots and used poles to push their way across frozen lakes. Metal blades appeared around the 13th century, and the Dutch popularized skating as an essential form of winter transportation. The British followed in the 17th century, and skating soon became a favourite pastime—fuelled by European settlement in the New World.

Today, sports like hockey, speed and figure skating abound. Whether they are played by professional athletes or recreational enthusiasts; every adventure began with that first childhood rush across frozen ice.

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